Outside my own firm, ISA is the most fun and meaningful organization in my professional sphere. I love its people and its open culture, and recommend it to anyone who toils in the learning and development industry.
~ Pete Weaver, Weaver Consulting Services

ISA Headlines         

  • ISA's 2017 Award Recipients.  At ISA's 2017 Annual Business Retreat, ISA members who continue to make a significant difference in the world of work related learning and development were honored.  The 2017 award recipients were:  Patrick Lencioni, Thought Leader; Center for Creative Leadership, Business of the Year; Mike Esterday, Outstanding Contribution; and James Chisholm, The Broomfield Award - The Spirit of ISA.  For more information about ISA's 2017 award recipients (as well as prior years) click here.  
  • ISA's 2017-2018 Board of Directors.  ISA's 2017-2018 Board of Directors took its seat of leadership in March 2017. The Board of Directors includes:  Joe Trueblood (President), James Chisholm, Mike Esterday, Howard Farfel, Jeff Hayes, Tony Jace, Toni Lucia, Mary McGlynn, Susan Smith, and Pam Schmidt (ex officio and ISA Executive Director).  Click here to learn more about the Board members.
  • ISA "Dates to Remember" - For a quick at-a-glance view, click here to see planned events on ISA's calendar.
  • ISA's C-Level Forums continue to be a highly valued membership benefit.  Sign Up NOW - The next 2017 C-Level Forum will take place November 2nd (click here to register). The face-to-face dialogue about critical challenges with ISA colleagues is priceless.