Tap into a Powerful, Trustworthy Network

ISA is here to help you lead a more profitable business. Here are just a few of the ways we inspire bold thinking and smart growth.

altAnnual Business Retreat: Three-day retreat every spring with provocative sessions focused on running the business. Includes formal and informal opportunities for exchanging ideas and solutions.


altC-Level Forums: Full-day “personal advisory group” sessions for exchanging insights, solutions and action plans related to individual members’ issues. Held up to three times a year and led by experienced CEO group facilitators.


altISA Membership Directory: Continually updated searchable directory, accessible to members only.


altFacilitated Connections: Member-to-member connections facilitated by ISA to help with specific issues.


altISA CEOs/Presidents/Owners Meeting: Annual invitation-only session for business owners, presidents and CEOs convening prior to the Annual Business Retreat to explore challenges and opportunities from a top-level perspective.


altISA Connection: Join the conversation on ISA’s members-only LinkedIn Group. Share your perspective and get your pressing day-to-day questions answered from people who’ve been there. All ISA members are welcome to participate in the group. Request access.


altRaft Groups: Self-initiated small groups of ISAers who schedule phone meetings between ISA events to connect and review “how’s business,” solicit feedback, share ideas, gain confidential peer insights, increase personal accountability or just talk—it’s up to the group.