The Annual Business Retreat delivers on all levels.  Learning about industry developments, successful business practices, and leadership approaches -- not simply from the formal program but because of the opportunity to get invaluable ideas from exceptional people willing to share.
~ Toni Lucia, President, West End Consulting


Resources - New "Stuff"        

ISA's Webinar Series - ISA's next webinar is scheduled for September 8, 2017 at 1pm eastern -- Topic: Microlearning.  Session description and registration information

2017 Annual Business Retreat Speaker Presentations - ISA members can access all available speaker slides/handouts through July 31st by logging on to the website and clicking on INFO/RESEARCH.  Trouble logging in? Contact Lois Donovan at [email protected] / 703-730-2838.

Training magazine’s 2017 white paper is “Turning on a Dime with Agile Learning Design”.  ISA is the sponsor of this esteemed work.  It will be distributed at Training 2017 Online Learning Conference. 

ISA Webinar Series - Recordings and related info

ISA members can access the recording/slides of recent webinars by logging in and clicking on INFO/RESEARCH, then select Webinar Series.

Recent webinar topics include: Rewriting the Rules for the Digital Age; Leading with Noble Purpose;Digital Transformation, Millennial Mythbusters; Success Stories From ISA Members working with Equiteq; Sales & Marketing Trends That Will Impact You in 2016; Deep Dive on Disruptive Technologies; Purpose as a Business Disruptor; Learning & Development: The Brain as Disruptor; Building Value by Leveraging Your Intellectual Capital.  To view a complete list of webinars available for viewing click here.

ISA's "How's Business" Snapshot  - The January 2017 report providing results of the December 2016 snapshot survey are in!  ISA's "How's Business" snapshot survey is conducted periodically to help ISA members compare business performance and consider adjustments for company specific action for the short term going forward.  Check out the complete survey report by logging in and clicking on INFO/RESEARCH, then select Research. Trouble logging in?  Contact Lois Donovan at [email protected] / 703-730-2838. 

ISA's LinkedIn Group - Check out ISA's LinkedIn Group -- ISA Connection.  You can join in conversations, share your perspective and stay connected.   

ISA is on Twitter - To join in the chats, check out ISA on Twitter -- @isaconnections.

ISA is on YouTube - Check out the video clip play list on YouTube by clicking here.

In March 2012, attendees at ISA's Annual Business Retreat witnessed an unprecedented event when ISA's Legends - the First Generation - shared their experience as business leaders. Ken Blanchard, Bill Byham, John Humphrey, Mat Juechter, Patricia McLagan, John Rosenheim, Don Schrello, Tod White, Richard Whiteley and Jack Zenger offered a unique view of the industry and the business challenges of the day.  Revisit what they had to say by clicking here.

ISA's Book Project - Getting ISA Member Firms in the Spotlight - ISA is dedicated to a singular purpose:  helping ISA members achieve better results for their clients and businesses.  With that in mind, ISA published a book. The book showcases the work of ISA members with and for clients. 

Thanks to the expertise of Elaine Biech (ISA Member and President of ebb associates inc) and the generosity/expertise of ISA member, John Wiley & Sons, Developing Talent for Organizational Results (ISBN: 978-1-118-12375) was published in early 2012 and officially launched at ISA's 2012 Annual Business Retreat.  For information about purchasing ISA's book, contact [email protected]  For other Pfeiffer/Wiley Imprint publications, visit their press room at